NZAP is a charitable Trust so we ware soley reliant on the kindness of donations from good  people like you and the general public to bring this to life!

Thank you in advance from the team at NZAP, and an even bigger THANK YOU from the animals your support will be helping!

You can donate your own amount here as just a one off donation - even the smallest aount goes a long way to help!

Please remember that any donations over $50 are tax deductible, so please let NZAP know if you would like a tax receipt for your records by clicking this link:  Donation Receipt Please

TO Make an on-going monthly donation ( And receive your NZAP T-Shirt!) Please click here, and don't forget to let us know your T-shirt size and mailing address in the form below!   

Please allow up to 2 weeks for your T-Shirt to arrive as we are currently having them printed!




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