Become an NZAP Officer!

NZAP would LOVE to hear from individuals across New Zealand who have an interest in becoming involved with NZAP, whether you have been an animal welfare Investigator, worked in animal rescue or with SPCA, or a huge animal lover in general, we WANT to hear from YOU!


  • A genuine Love for ALL Animals!  

  • Have CONFIDENCE to deal with People and a KIND, but assertive appraoch! Cool
  • A vehicle and mobile phone (always at the ready!)    

While NZAP is still only in its embryonic stages, and is currently only being set up within the Bay of Plenty and Waikato region, (due to lack of funding and resouces at this early stage)  We immediately need volunteers until we can seek enough funding to create paid employment for NZAP officers (which may take a year!),  Our vision is for our network of NZAP officers to grow exponentially across New Zealand, and ultimately to become an Animal Welfare Approved organisation by the government.

We would also welcome hearing from any NZ Police officers and Animal Welfare Inspectors across New Zealand who would be willing to work with our team - Including in Domestic violence situations where animals are often caught n the cross fire.

We are hoping over the course of this year (2017) once there is enough funding and regular donations coming in - We will be able to send approved NZAP officers uniforms, petrol vouchers, phone top ups, and  network you with animal rescues within your area , as well as  your own personal login on the NZAP site to directly send any animal abuse reports directly into. This will take time - but we WILL get there!

So PLEASE feel welcome to contact us and let us know your level of interest and skills, so that we can together start building our data base of interested NZAP officers all over New Zealand!

Contact Phone:
Location: Your town or City
Message: Please include your list of skills, and WHY you would like to become invloved with NZAP


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