Can you help support the NZAP Shop?

Finally..! There will soon be an NZAP shop up and running  in Te Aroha ( Waikato) to help raise funds for so many vulnerable, abandonded and abused animals coming into our care, as well as to the wonderful animal rescues who will be caring for them -  to help cover all of their urgent vet treatent, desexing and costs to save animals from euthansia and those on death row in pounds. NZAP will become a hub to support all of these rescues!

As a Charitable Trust trying to set this up - we are going to be totally reliant on the support of community to cover the lease for the first 6 months, to get the shop all up and running  by JULY this year  and so we can donate monthly also to help the rescues caring for them! So we are doing a big call out for supporters who would like to make a $20 contribution each month for the next 6 months  - In return we would like to invite ALL of our supporters to our opening day  in July and offer you as a valued supporter of the NZAP shop - to offer you an ongoing 20 percent discount on any goods!

We welcome you to sign up as a monthly contributor below, and a huge THANK YOU from the animals you will be helping to change the lives of!

If you would like to help support the NZAP shop for the first 6 months with a monthly donation  ( even as little as $20 per month)- please click on one of the monthly donate links below, thank you from the NZAP team!

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